How to connect an external screen

Note that external screen display requires the full (i.e. not lite) version of Tweet Us.


You can connect via a VGA connector using either the Apple 30-pin to VGA adapter, or the Lightning to VGA adapter, both of which can be purchased from Apple. 


You can connect via HDMI using either the Apple 30-pin digital AV adapter, or the Lightning digital AV adapter,  both of which can also be purchased from Apple.


Apple do not have adapters the connect directly from the 30-pin or lightning connectors to DVI. You can however use one of the HDMI adapters described above, along with an HDMI to DVI adapter or an HDMI to DVI cable.

Their are two types of adapters. An HDMI male to DVI female adapter plugs in to the Apple HDMI adapter and connects to a DVI cable. An HDMI female to DVI male adapter plugs in to the monitor's DVI socket and connects to an HDMI cable.

Apple TV

Tweet Us can also display via AirPlay mirroring on an Apple TV 2nd or 3rd generation. This Apple support article describes how to enable AirPlay mirroring. You will need to turn on AirPlay mirroring before running Tweet Us. When you start Tweet Us the Apple TV display will switch from being a mirror of the iPad/iPhone display to the separate Tweet Us external display.

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Device Requirements and Limitations

  • iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, iPhone 4S: These can use the 30-pin to VGA or 30-pin to HDMI adapters or Apple TV via AirPlay mirroring.
  • iPad 4th generation, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation: These can use the lightning to VGA or lightning to HDMI adapters or Apple TV via AirPlay mirroring.
  • iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation: These can use the 30-pin to VGA or 30-pin to HDMI adapter, but not Apple TV via AirPlay mirroring.
  • iPad 1, iPhone 3GS: You cannot run Tweet Us on an iPad 1 or iPhone 3GS as Tweet Us requires iOS 7.0 or later.